You can back up your files online or use an offline backup tool. Once you have your fresh new Windows installation, it is time to restore your programs, settings and files from the backup you’ve made before. Type driversol “systemreset” in the command prompt window and press Enter. If you need to install Windows 10 and new updates, you can run command “systemreset -cleanpc”. Windows 10 provides the feature “Reset this PC” to help you solve system problems by resetting your computer to factory settings. During the process, you can choose whether to keep your personal files or not.

  • If you want to be able to change files on the network drive, you have a little more work to do.
  • You can use the stop function to end the recording, and it will direct you to a simple video editor where you can modify and refine the captured content.
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  • And, if your program installation will be done in multiple installation windows, the recording will automatically stop when the first installation window closes.

So if you record your Microsoft Word window, anytime you set it full size your notifications will be hidden until you close Word and you will recieve a summary notification afterawards. Currently I haven’t found a way to check all applications I have configured to be games to record with Game Bar and then make Windows forget about them. Movavi Screen Recorder for Chrome has an intuitive, uncluttered interface. Its simple settings ensure anyone can grasp this extension seconds after installing it.

These updates will fix known bugs and add new features. Quality updates are released often , which include bug and security patches. Feature updates, on the other hand, only come out once every six months. These updates will often add new features, enhancements, and will improve the performance of the OS. Official websiteand click on the big download button front and center.

Fix Microsoft Photos App Not Opening or Not Working On Windows 11

When you’re done, you’ll be shown your video clip. When you’re done editing, you can use the “Save” feature to save your video in a program-specific format. Or, you can use the export feature to save it as a normal file.

Keep this drive safe for future reinstalls, too. You can also use the drive for upgrading an existing Windows installation simply by running Setup.exe from the drive when running Windows 7 or 8. All you’ll need to do is bring Windows and your apps up to date, and reinstall new programs.

More Windows 10 tips

Open Windows settings using the Win + I shortcut or one of the many available options. If you take lots of screenshots, read our guides on how to capture a screenshot on Chromebook and useful tips and tricks to take screenshots like a pro on Mac. Use the Preview app or Screenshot app to take screenshots. Next, select the camera icon to take a screenshot.

When you click on Capture from the top-left corner, you’ll see a host of other features to choose from, such as screen recording, screenshot delay, scrolling capture, and so on. The quickest way to grab a screenshot is by pressing Windows Key and Prt Sctogether. You’ll see the thumbnail in the bottom-left corner as soon as the screenshot is captured. To launch Snipping Tool, just type ‘snipping’ in the Start menu search bar and select the best match from autosuggestion. Press Alt & Print Screen to capture an image of only the active window and store it in the Windows clipboard.