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In 1907, the De Lorenzo family opened a metal workshop in lower Manhattan in what is many now consider the most fashionable and trendy neighborhood in the world, SoHo. The neighborhood was much grittier then, and the shop lent its service to many local companies.

Many decades later, Soho began attracting a new, creative class including emerging artists and designers. With many of them on low budgets, they would come into the shop with sketches and requests for De Lorenzo to build what they needed.

According to three former employees, the workshop helped many artisans and designers in Soho launch their careers. On the last day of work, some of these grateful clients stopped in to pay their respects to Thomas De Lorenzo Sr. and thank him for all that he did.


The original sign – “John De Lorenzo and Bro. Iron and Sheet Metal Contractor”, which is painted blue and white over brick, is fashionably retro. Upon adding art by street artist JR to the right corner, the developer intentionally kept the original sign as a reminder of the inspirational story of this space.

at Canal St. 0.11 miles

at Canal St.  0.13 miles

at Canal st. 0.13 miles

at Canal st. 0.1 miles

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